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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Feelings ??

Hi ya people ok well I decided to create a blog to see if I can get either some help or help others in the world also create friendship.
I am a person that talks to any one and I am also a bit like Marmite you either like me or you don't lol.

Ok well I am Christa I am a stay at home mum to 1 lil lady called Keira she will be 3 in Febuary, we currently are not well with a virus going round making her sick but she is a little better today.
she goes to a creche Monday-Friday 12.30-3 which I think is worth the £85 a month *this will stop in april as she will get free 16 hour learning in April*.

I am 25 years old 26 in March, have been with my lovely fiance for 9 years in November !! I am happy just small things that get to me like debt that I wish we could clear and be more sensible with money,I actually calculated that if we didnt have debt n didn't pay for Keira's schooling we would have and extra £450 in our hands a month and possibly more.

I have recently been thinking and I thought it was hormones and the fact that either people i know are or trying to get pregnant or married, I haven't been broody but suddenly feel like I need to have another baby but I know it wouldn't be good due to my PND.

I have been going to the gym not so regular this month though but I will soon and I even taken up Pole dancing. so much fun and no it's not the seedy kind where I get my kit off its an exercise class 4 women by women.

Have even interested in the following -

* Webdesigning in HTML and CSS would like to get better at it
* Digital Photography
* modelling * being infront of the camera*
* Photoshop CS3 and other CS3 range
* Make up
* Pole dancing & Gym I have a thing for burning calories !
* creativeness with my baby girl *want to try and do more with her*
* card making and recently Digi Scrapping
* I also love the salon but never have money for it lol

I have had Cosmetic surgery 2 times boob op and lipo I went Tunisia would like to have my boobs re done and lipo again on my tummy have been thinking of having Lazer hair removal and Green Peel for stretch marks and possibly semi perminate make up for my eyebrows
and I have also thought about botox.
I admire Katie Price alot but think she has gone a little far with surgery bless her it is addictive and her tanning.

I did Race for life in July 2008 raised a measley £30 but I did it and felt great, we found out my mum had cervical cancer for the 2nd time causing problems for her to concieve my sister, then last Christmas my sister who was 13 broke down in tears crying of a headache, she had been sent home from school with it for ages but mum n dad assumed she was having Migraines as my nanny suffers with them, turns out she has a brain tumor and we almost lost them both my sister Chloe is terminally ill but doing really well with her Chemo every 28 days she has 5 days of Chemo tablets. we and the community came together and helped my sister to go to DisneyLand Florida to swim with the dolphins, we raised £20,186.89p that helped including Chloe 12 other children as we donated to Clic-Seargent and Emily Ash trust. ok well for my 1st blog this has been in depth I have alot more to talk about
so for now Blog ya soon xx

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RachNess said...

Hi Christa! I will send prayers your way for your sister and your mom to get well!