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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Horascopes ~ Pisces

Sunday, November 2 2008

Pisces  February 19-March 20 You will find yourself spending most of this day in cleaning and rearranging your living area. There could be a discussion about some new piece of furniture for your home. This is a good time to just appreciate where you are in the world. You may be dealing with a bossy family member later this afternoon. This person means well, so it would be wise for you to point out, as nice as possible, that you are in charge of your own life. This afternoon you enjoy lighting good smelling candles or creating some sort of uplifting, positive decorations for everyone to enjoy. You are at your most poetic self this evening, able to put your dreams and thoughts into words and communicate them through speaking and writing. You could write a love poem this evening.

This is TOTALLY and utterly mad, I have been thinking about re arranging my home and totally changing alot of things fresh start clear the old stuff and in with new, planning a few rooms for when fella is off work..
plus the bossy family member is my mum, she often speaks her mind and does not realise some times her words hurt alot!
I am amazed about the creating uplifting decorations as I have now learnt all about Digital scrapping !! I am very shocked as this is spot on !
will have to get a daily horoscope to see how well it goes, I remember watching a documentary about a guy that lived 30 days and nights following his horoscopes was relly good lol.
I am more into spirituality and Mediumship.

okies thats me for today xx

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