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Thursday, 26 February 2009

2009 - me and challanges !

Hi ya everyone,

wow new year...
Im looking it like a nice shiny new crisp book, I know its now the end of Feb and I totally forgot to post bad me !

ok so beginning of the year I started to -
1, Potty train baby girl :0)
2, had a massive declutter *ITS A MUST*
3, organised how I wanted living space and how to earn extra money
4, looked at ways to cut back our debt we have slashed over £1K from Nov-now

ok so the Challenges -

Money --- it's known as PAY A DAY
basically everyday you have to make a payment could be 1p-£1K what ever as long as a payment is made,
I looked at our eating habbits and noticed we wouldn normally eat 3/4 take outs a week ! and not only was we out of pocket we was also filling the clothes,
pizza £25, tikka masala £18/£20, burger night £13 !
burger night was every Thursday so thats £13 to move from 1 account to another
I also make a £7 transaction every Tuesday *pay day* that is to count as a £1 a day payment :0) and I don't withdraw money from my account, I spend more that way, if there is any odd pennies I will put them also into the account for paying off debts
so far as I said above we have cut down £1K off things if not more.
I did a snowball calculation on when the big debt will be paid off it calculated some time in July 2014 but that was £50 payment so I am thinking will be March/May 2014...
BUT after talking to hubby to be *lol* and we pay last payment for daughters creche as she is now 3 years and now gets government funding yay, means £100 extra a month in our bank, will go towards the Overdraft 1st = £600 !! but I have money in my account to whittle it down big time and I will not withdraw till it is all in the account and start saving for the bigger one ! I am determind to not let it take untill 2014 !
ok so take outs go into my account, the £100 to clear the OD then he will leave it in his savings account to clear the non-Flexi Loan £10,885.40p but more will be off it tomorrow making it March 2014 :0)
if I could do a proper calculation and that I know he will 100% stick to putting that £140 odd into the savings a month aswell as my pennies I could calculate literally the exact payments and date it will clear, I think we will have to concentrait really hard on it all, he also needs to start on his xmas fund ! arghh

I am also saving for Christmas next year so far every Tuesday I put £10 aside I have collected £80 :0)
but I also managed to get 9 pressies (I also had more stored away from this year) for christmas I budget £10 per person I have made a saving of £80 !! yay to see the money accumulating is a brilliant feeling,
I have also got both sets of mums birthdays out the way £25 each M&S vouchers *free* was reccomend a sky friend !!
I cleaverly asked mum for clothes and storage for DD for her xmas and birthday and saved loads also !
my birthday mum got me a external drive also saved me loads, its annoying as I was going to buy myself (wish I had the money in my account to use towards the debt)

gotta love the storage :0)

I was also tempted to buy another coat budgeted £40-£70 but me mum sewed the buttons back that was on the sleeves and now its a brand new coat !
I think I should go and get some buttons and save myself more money hehe

there is also a thing I would like to do is home making foods not buy jars, I know we have cut out food budget buy £50, hoping to make batch foods and store them in the freezer and used slow cooker *a must buy item* and I went pound shop and got some take away dishes that are freezable and microwavable :0)
will have to really look into the budget and be tight, I am looking forward to it all GOAL will be 2010/2012 to clear the debts all together including flexi-loan.
my mum also goes Makro's and she told me about chicken packs with around 20 odd breasts in ! we have been buying the frozen cheapo packs 5 breasts for £5 ! we have two breasts each meal time, we would buy 4 packs £20 10 meals,the ones in makro's will last us a while.
I am also a follower of FlyLady and try really hard but I have server depression so what happens when I wake..

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